Moni Pulo Ltd. v. Brass Exploration Ltd. & 7 Ors

An offshore block located in the Continental Shelf of the Niger Delta and covering an approximate area of 463.289 square kilometers was awarded to the plaintiff in 1992 as OPL 230 by the Minister of Petroleum Resources pursuant to the Petroleum Act. In 1996 and with the Minister’s consent, the plaintiff assigned 40% undivided participating interest in the OPL 230 to two American companies that later became known to the Minister (eighth defendant) as Baker Hughes Inc., through their subsidiary, the first defendant. Following the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in the OPL 230 area,the eighth defendant converted OPL 230 to OML 114 and awarded same to the plaintiff for a term of 20 years commencing from April 18, 1999.

2012 6 CLRN 153
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